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As an expert Palm Desert air filtration company, we don’t just work to make sure your home’s air is warm or cool, we work to make sure it’s as clean and comfortable as it can be. A whole home humidifier can provide the right amount of moisture for total comfort as well as help keep irritating airborne particles from circulating as easily.

Palm Springs Airl PurificationHow air filters help asthma and allergy sufferers
Both the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the American Lung Association recommend air filtration for people with allergies and asthma as an added tool to fight irritants. There are different types of filters available on the market including Hybrids, Mechanical, Plate & Wire, Ionizing and HEPA filters. HEPA filters are said to me the most efficient mechanical filters for removing small particles which can be breathed deep into the lungs.

Why “scrub” your air?  For the past couple decades, the medical industry has used Germicidal UV light rays to destroy micro-organisms (Bacteria, Viruses, & Germs).  This method is effective in only reducing airborne micro-organisms that pass directly through the light rays. Unfortunately, germicidal UV light has little to no effect on gases, vapors, or odors. When you “scrub” your air with this technology, however,  it will reduce airborne micro-organisms in addition to gases, vapors, VOCs, and odors.

How does it work?  This technology uses specialized UV germicidal light waves along with a proprietary catalytic process that creates enviro-scrubbing molecules of Oxygen and Hydrogen.  These scrubbers work all day and night in your home, continuously reducing and killing airborne germs, dust and odors in addition to cleaning surfaces.

Air ScrubberScientific, Peer review, Published Studies

  • Up to 99.9% reduction of all surface bacteria, viruses, mold & germs it has been tested on (Strep., E. Coli, Black Mold, Staph, deadly MRSA SuperBug, & more.)
  • Up to 90% reduction of airborne bacteria, viruses, mold & germs.
  • Reduces airborne dust.
  • Reduces odors from pets, cooking, smoking and more.

Environmentally Green

  • Uses less than one third of a standard 60 watt light bulb.
  • Complies with all Federal EPA, FDA, and OSHA regulations.

Dust and Seasonal Irritants

fireResidents of the Palm Springs area are familiar with the dust and seasonal irritants this area brings. The combination of fine sand during high winds or extreme situations like forest fires that bring ash and soot to our valley can irritate even non-asthma and allergy residents.

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